"A House of No Little Importance"

Scarrow Hill, Brampton

Today, Scarrow Hill has become a rather isolated victim of history. It lies on the very edge of the parish of Brampton in north east Cumbria, near the Northumberland border. Scarrow Hill is separated from neighbours by the A69 trunk road and by the Newcastle to Carlisle Railway, both of which postdate Scarrow Hill.

Scarrow Hill in the Summer
Scarrow Hill in in the summer months

The Place-Names of Cumberland, part one by A.M.Armstrong, A Mawer, F.M.Stenton and Bruce Dickens gives various spellings for Scarrow Hill in Brampton. These are Scareckhilles, 1603; Scarrowhill, 1626; Skarehill, 1675; Skarhill, 1699; Scarrow Hill, 1784. The meaning is likely to be “Projection of land marked by a shieling”. A shieling was generally a place or simple hut where graziers would be temporarily housed when herding animals on high ground in the summer – part of the system of transhumance.

The earliest reference (so far) to Scarrow Hill in the parish of Brampton is the will and inventory of Thomas Hall 1595/96.

Will of Thomas Hall 1595/96
In the name of god amen : the xij th daie of maie, in the year
of our Lorde god 1595 I Thomas Hall of the Skarrow Hill in
the pishe of Brampton syke in bodie, but of sound mynde
& of good & perfecte remembrance thanks & prayse be given
almightie god doo ordaine & make this my last will and testa
ment in manner & forme as following : That is to saye first I
surrender my soule unto the handes of my god my maker & savior
& my bodie be buried in my pishe church yarde of Brampton
my duties, funery expenses, & my mortuarie these hereto
paid accordinge unto the dewes and statutes of this countrie
of Inglande Item: I give and bequeathe: Unto Janet my daugh
ter the wyfe of John Bell two oxen that one in his owne hande
the other one blacke he had in hylter & two kyme also halted
one kalfe, three ewes & two lames, these goodes I give her if
her husbande John Bell doo not shame the byldinge of one
hope of expectations but if he do shame the byldinge of one
house of my expectations then I will & commande that he
have none of these goodes but have husbande John Bell to take
that he maie get by law of my expectations, for I do saide
repay any thinge before god. I did promyse him such
thinges but repay good will to helpe him to that by byldinge
of one house of two paire a seales and soo upon good will I maid
him the greate timber of two paire of seales readie and he so
woulde not fetch it, and soo I soulde it to one Robart Pair
man for xxiiij s Item: I give and bequethe to unto Pieter Bell my
daughter’s sonne one gimmer-hoge Item: I give and bequethe unto
Thomas Hall. John Hall. Lancelote Hall. George Hall. Da
vid Hall. Elyzabeth Hall. Agnes Hall. Annabell Hall my son
Gregories children everie one a sheepe hoge Item: I give and
bequethe unto Elyzabeth Rychardson one gimmer lamme. Item for the
residue of all my goodes moveble and immoveble and legacyes moveble
that my dettes paid, my funerell expenses discharged before god I
give and bequethe: unto Gregory Hall my sonne whom I doo ordaine
and make be my sole executor of this my last will and testament
my presence hereof : David Hall and Robert Nixon. Witnesses hereof
William Thompson pish of Denton and Robert Nixon ??? of Denton
and with others also.

— Anno Domini 1596
Inventory of Thomas Hall 1595/96
A true and perfecte inventorie of all the goodes
and chattelles movable and unmovable of Thomas
Hall of the Scarrowhill as in the pishe
of Brampton lait deceased prised by
sworne men. John Edward Thnolway
David Bell  Anthony Robinson and
John Newton.
Item         23 sheepe they 12 hoggets                 ) 63s 6d
                11 yowes prised so                           )
Item         5 lammes prised so                            11s 8d
Item         4 oxen prised so                    (blurred) s 4d
Item         5 ky   and two stirkes prised so     3li  
Item          one gray maire prised so                  11s 8d
Item          one stone of pees prised so                2s 4d
Item         one brasse poot and                        )  4s 6d
                3 plumes? Prised so                         )
Item         his whole reperrel prised so               12s   
Item         2 yeards of _____ prised so                  2s
Item         2 sheets and 4 blankets                   )  11s
                one curtain and a bolster               )
                prised so                                        )
Item          one chest and a coffer prised so        3s
Item           one wheat and a plaine of            )  12d
                woule andes prised so                     )
Item          one kyne? A stand?                       )
                and 7 doubblers and dishes             )  3s 
                one aile poot and 2 pothers             )
                prised so                                        )
Item          6 peck of rye sowen                       )  9s
                the ground prised so                       )
Item          10 peck and a halfe of                    )  12s   
                    byg and halfe a bushee                   )
                of rye prised so                              )
Item one croke and a pairre of tongs prised so)  12d

— Anno Domini 1596

In 1603 The Gilsland Survey states that Gregory Hall had a “tenement and close called Skarechilles: more toward the southeaste: by Denton becke in parte on the east and the com pasture on all other partes”. This comprised of 16 acres, one rood and zero perches, with a value of 2s. 6d. John Robinsons copy of the 1603 Gilsland Survey map below shows a building on the site of the current building at Scarrow Hill with the land more toward the sotheaste.

1603 Gilsand Survey
John Robinsons copy of the 1603 Gilsland Survey map

Gregory Hall died in 1607. His will and inventory are particularly interesting. He refers to his 'tenant right which I have by my wayes or meanes' clearly referring to his customary tenancy. Gregory Hall was probably a blacksmith as among his possessions are 'tools of smiths craft' and debtors for 'ironwork wrought'.

Gregory Hall’s Will and Inventory of 1607
 Gregory Hall’s Will and Inventory of 1607                                                                   Will written 18th Jan 1607 (1608)
                                                                                                                              dead by time of inventory 27th Jan 1607
1.   In the name of god amen. The xviij th day of January in the year                    
2.   of our Lord 1607 I Gregory Hall of Skarrow Hill in pishe
3.   of Brampton being syke in body yet nevertheless of perfect remembrance
4.   praysed be God, doe make this my testament concerning herein my
5.   last will in mannr following. First I render my soule unto
6.   the handes of Almighty God hoping through the misery of death
7.   and only the meritt of Jesus Christ. And my body I will shall be
8.   buryed in the church yarde of Brampton aforesaid, and all du
9.   ties for the same to be discharged according this is, there accustomed. 
10. Also my will is, and I so give and grant unto Lancelott
11. Hall my sonne his heires, & successor for ever, all my wholl title right
12.  clayme demand and in wrest of tennantright which I have, or by my wayes or meanes
13.  owght to have of in & unto one tenemt or premises wt the appurtenances lying                      wt = with
14. & beinge wtin the pishe of Lanner-Cost upon the Water of Kings                                             wtin = within
15. wtin the Cowntye of Cumberland commonly called & knowen by the name 
16. of Burden Hirst of the Annual Rent of xs to The Right Honorable
17. Willm Lord Haward of Naworthe of ps. To have & to hold                                                          ps = pishe
18.  the same tenament and all houses, grownds & freelage here unto in any
19.  wise belonginge wt all & singular others the appertenances unto him the
20. said Lancelott Hall his heires & assignes for ever by yielding 
21. paying & doing hereafter all rents duties & services due & accu 
22. stomed humbly requesting & beseeching my good Ladie, the Right
23. Honorable Ladie Elizabeth Howard to be helping unto him my
24. said sonne Lancelott Hall for my estates the same, unto whose honorable
25. mition & protection I doe humbly comend bothe my said sonne 
26. & the aforesaid Tenement And I doe moreover charge myne eldest sonne 
27. Thomas Hall every upon his descent of God’s blessing at myne. ? este 
28. request & prayse to God for the said                      his eight and title
29. tenemts unto his brother Lancelott aforesaid whose' ? he shalbe requested so
30. to doe, according to this my formr grantt hearein specified. Item I doe
31. give moreover unto him my sonne Lancelott Hall my brown horse
32. and a black rigged cowe, the residewe of all my goodes and chattells
33. my debts & legacies first discharged I do give unto my wife Jenett Hall
34. whome I doe make my wholl executrix be these ? In witness
35.  whereof I have here unto put my seale and hande the day and yeare
36. first above written before these witnesss heareof
37. Christian Robinson. David Hall.
38.  Nicholas Hall. Nicholas Thomson
39.  and Nicholas Cowpland   Clerk.                                            Nicholas Cowpland is the new vicar
40.               with others                                                            and Henry Hudson has died - see inventory
                   The true Inventorie of all the goods of Gregory Hall
                   late of Skarrow Hill in the pishe of Brampton in the countie of
                   Cumberland deceased, prised by the ___thes of ____mon, kith
                   Richard Miles, Anthonie Robinson, David Hall and David Bell, the
                   xxvij th day of Januarie, in the yeare this of Lord 1607.
Imprimis an horse of color brown pxd s0   xvj s
Item one black rigged cowe           pxd so    xxs                                         
Item another cowe and iij calves                xiijs iiijd                  Debts of the said Gregory
Item his third part of foure feiste neats     xxs                           Hall did owe
Item his tools of Smiths craft                       xvjs                 Iprimis to Thomas Clowsson              )xixs vd
Item old maire, harroe and ploughe??       vjs viijd          of Newcastle                                        )                    
Item his axxes                                               xs                    Item to Anthonie Parker of    )
Item  corn sowen & unsowen and hay        xxvjs               Hexham for which Nicholas Hall      )xs
Item potts, pannes, 6 mortars                     )xvijs               is suritie                                                )
Item other fire vessel & household stuff     )                       Item to David Bell of the Rowe           xvs
Item chests & beddinge                                vijs                   Item to Anthonie Tallentyre               xviijd
                                                                                                Item to Phillipp Carrick for                  )
                                                Sum     vijl xijs (£7 12s)         his oxes draught to be payed               )
                                                                                                At Michaelmas next, more then          viijs
                                                                                                his iron worke, which I have wrought)
                                                                                                to him                                                     )
           Debtes owinge to the said                                         Item to Rowland White for his iron   viijs
            Gregorie Hall                                                             Item to John Shape’s wife                    ijd
Imprimis by Richard Richardson of            )                     Item to the infant of John Pruddie      iiijd
Briggwoodfoot for malt which his                )xvjs              Item to Willm Barnfather                    xxd
former wife did take and for iron                )                      Item to John Barnfather                      iiijs od
work wrought to him                                    )                      Item to Mr Henry Dacre for               )vjs viijd
Item by Humphrey Bell of the Mains          )                      his tythe corne                                      )
and Humphrey Bell of the Church Heade  )                                 
and Thomas Bell  of the Banke Side            )xxxjxs xd                              Summa debit/
for a cowe xxxs. and two sheep                  )
   ixs xd                                                           )                                               iijl xjs ijd        (£3 11s 2d)
Item by Mr. Henry Hudson late priest of   )
Brampton.vs. for which I gave my worde  )                                 
and payed it upon recoverie in the courte )vjs
together with the xijd for the fees of then  )
recoverie                                                        )
            Summa credita iijl xxijs       (£3 22d= £3 1s 10d)           Summa de claro (ie after credits and debts)
            Summa totalis                                                                       vijl ijs viijd  (£10 13s 10d - £3 11s 2d = £7 2s 8d)
            Xl xiijs xd       (£7 12s + £3 1s 10d = £10 13s 10d)

The Naworth Estate and Household Accounts 1648 to 1660 by C Roy Huddleston, Surtees Society refer to Toms Hall at Scarrhill. Tom Hall is referred to as a smith and is paid for shoeing carthorses and work to carts. In 1665 Thomas Hall dies but the inventory of his goods and chattells gives us an insight into his life.

Inventory of Thomas Hall 1665
A true and perfect Inventory of the goods and Chattells
of Thomas Hall  of Scarrowhill in this parish of Brampton
& County of Cumberland , late departed   as they now prised by Humphrey
Bell of Silverside and Christopher Bell of the Mill this 29th
Day of June Anno Domini 1665.
                                                             li         s        d
Imprimis his Apparell                      2        00      00
Item two Black Stotts                       3        00      00 (type of cow)
Item two kine                                    3        00      00
Item two stirks                                  1        00      00 (yearling heifer or bullock)
Item one gilt sow and her pigs        0        10      00
Item one old horse                            0        06      08
Item Cart and Wheels                      0        05      00
Item One Sled or Auxilo                   1        00      00
Item One Ladder                              0        00      08
Item in Puter                                    0        12      00
Item in Brass                                    0        18      00
Item in Wooden Vessell                   0        15       00
Item one Crooke Girdle and Tongs 0        02      06 (griddle)
Item in Bedding                               0        10      00
                                                           li        s        d
          Summa totalis                       13       19      10
          Debts owing by the deceased qty
                                                           li        s       d
Funeral Expenses                            2        00      00
Indebted to John Langhorn           6        04      00
Owing to Mr John Robinson          1        00      00
Item to Mr Robert L Hodgson       0        10      00              
Item to Daniel Sowerby                 0        10      00
Item to John Richardson               0        16      05
Item to Ambrose Atkinson & Son 0        06      04
Item to his brother William Hall   1        10      00
Item to Edmund Bell                       0        02      00
                                                          li       s        d
                                                          12      18      9
       Debts owing to the ?? qty 10      9
Thomas Holme Curate ∞ Humphrey Bell   H  )    aforesaid
                                      Christopher Bell        )    W

Interestingly he had an old horse! A little earlier in history and Thomas Hall would have been a border reiver!

The Howard of Naworth papers show Scarrow Hill changing hands a number of times over the next 75 years.

On 10th December 1675 William Hall blacksmith, grant of messuage at Skarehill or Skarohill to Henry Farlam younger, of stonehouse, Lanercost, yeoman.

On 18th August 1699 grant of messuage at Skarehill of ancient rent 2s. 6d. John Beckwith of “Exham”, Northumberland, tailor to George Thomas of Carlisle, glazier and Catherine his wife.

On 7th January 1746 (really 1747 due to calendar changes), George Thomas of Brampton, yeoman, and John Thomas of same to Henry Earl of Carlisle £120. This transaction would have been just after the Jacobite Rebellion and just before the building of General Wade’s military road from Carlisle to Newcastle.

In July 1754 the Military Road Minute Book shows that an agreement was signed to make the road from Cumcatch gate on Brampton Common to Scarrow Hill at nineteen shillings a rood.

The annual report, for 1754, stated that the road had been finished from Carlisle to Brampton Town Foot; the four hundred yards contracted for between Cumcatch Gate and Scarrow Hill had been trenched, stoned and “broak” only awaiting the final covering of gravel and the completion of the three bridges; the remaining part of the road within the county (i.e. east from Scarrow Hill) had also been trenched, stoned and “broak” except for some one hundred and five roods; three stone bridges had been completed, but there was still a section of about three hundred roods from Brampton Town Foot to Cumcatch Gate not yet contracted for, but which, when finished, would complete the whole road within the county.

The Commissioners meeting of 14th July 1755 ordered settlement of the accounts of three contractors upon completion of their work. Nowell and partners for the section from Cumcatch to Scarrow Hill with three bridges, Workman for that over Brampton Fair Hill, and Byers and Partners for that from Scarrowhill Bridge to Temon.

From 1753 to 1775 Scarrow Hill was a coaching inn or alehouse. The Alehouse Recognizance Register records all licensed premises for the period 1753 to 1772. The “Scarrowhill Inn “ appears every year throughout this period with a payment of £10 per year. George Stobart is recorded as the Innkeeper of the “Scarrowhill Inn” from 1753 to 1762 inclusive. From 1763 through to 1772 Joseph Stobart is the recorded Innkeeper.

This is not the first record of the sale of alcohol at Scarrow Hill. The Naworth Estate and Household Accounts state that on 10th December 1648 Tom Halls wife is paid 9s 8d for a runlett of ale and other ale.

Joseph Stobart Innkeeper of Scarrow Hill died intestate in 1774/75. Details of the administration and inventory of his estate are shown below. Beds and blankets abound, but also 3 geese and one gander with 21 cock and hens and other farm animals and equipment.

Probate inventory of Joseph Stobbart Innkeeper of the Scarrow Hill 1775
At Carlisle 25th February 1775.
On which day appeared personally John Stobbart
---------------------------------------------------- and alleged
That Joseph Stobbart late of Scarrow Hill
in the parish of Brampton ------------- and Diocese
of Carlisle Innkeeper ------ deceased died intestate
without making any Will so far as he doth know
or believe, that he is the Brother and next of kin ---
of the said deceased Wherefore he prayed letters of administration
of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said
John Stobbart on his giving good and sufficient
security in that behalf
		The said John Stobbart was sworn
		in the form of said to -------------------
		the truth of the promises and to faithfully
		administer and to the Inventory before
                                                Before me ----
					Hen: Richardson Sur.
KNOW all Men by thefe Prefents, that WE John Stobbart
Of Denton Mill in the County of Cumberland Anthony
Richardson of Naward Barns in the said County
Yeomen and John Bell of Abbey in the said County Yeomen
	are held and firmly bound unto the Right Reverend Father in God, Edmund by Di
	vine Permiffion Lord Bishop of Carlifle in three hundred pounds of
	good and lawful Money of Great Britain, to be paid unto the faid Lord Bishop, or to
	his certain Attorny his Executors, Adminiftrators or Affigns, to which Payment well and
	truly be made, WE oblige ourfelves and each of US by himfelf or his self
	for the whole our and each and evry of our Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators firmly
	by thefe Prefents.  Seal’d with our Seals dated twenty fifth  Day of
	February in the fifthteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord GEORGE
	the Third by the Grace of GOD of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King Defender
	of the Faith and fo forth, and in the Year of our Lord One Thoufand Seven Hundred
	and seventy five
The Condition of this Obligation is fuch, that if the above bounden
John Stobbart Brother and next of Kin of Joseph
Stobbart deceased late of Skarrow Hill in the said County of
Cumberland Inkeeper
	Adminiftrator of all and fingular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the faid Deceafed
	do make or easfe to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and fingular the Goods,
	Chattels and Credits of the faid Deceased, which have or fhall come to the Hands, Poffeffion,
	Or Knowledge of him the faid   John Stobbart                                          or into
	The Handes and Poffeffion of any Perfon or Perfons for him and the fame fo make do exh-
	Bit or caufe to be exhibited into the Reg ftry of the Confiftory Court of Carlifle at or before
	The laft day of June                                            next en uing, and the fame Goods, Chat-
	Tells and Credits and all other the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the fame Deceafed at the time
	of  his  Death, which at any time after fhall come to the Hands or Poffeffion of the faid
	John Stobbart                                     or into the Handes or Poffeffion of any other
	Perfon or Perfons for him   do well and truly adminifter according to Law.   And further do
	make or caufe to be made a true and just Account of him faid Adminiftration at or before
	the laft Day of   February   1776 and all the reft and refidue of the faid Goods, Chat-
	tels and C edits which fhall be found remaining upon the faid Adminiftrators  Acompt, the
	fame being firft examined and allowed of by the judge or judges for the time being of the faid
	Court fhall deliver and pay u to fuch Perfon or Perfons refpectively as the faid judge or judges
	by his or their Decree or Sentence, purfuant to the true lnient and Meaning of a late Act of
	Parliament made in the two and twentieth and three and twentieth Years of the Reign of our
	Late Sovereign Lord King Charles the Second, intituled an Act for the better fettling of intef-
	tates Eftates fhall limit and appoint, and if it fhall hereafter appear that any laft Will and Teft-
	ament was made by the faid Deceased, and the Executor or Executors theirin named do ex-
	hibit the fame into the faid Court, making requeft to have it allowed and approved according-
	ly if the faid    John Stobbart                  above bounden being thereunto
	Go render and deliver the faid Letters of Adminiftrations, Approbation of fuch Teftament being
	firft had and made  n the faid Court, then this Obligation to be void or elfe remain in full Force
	and Virtue.
Sealed and deliver d being fift duly )
   Stamp’d in t he Prefence of        )		John Stobbart
                    I Carrick
				Anthony Richardfn
                                        John Bell
A true full and perfect Inventory of all and singular the
Goods Chattels and Credits of Joseph Stobbart ----------
late of Scarrow Hill in the Parish of Brampton
and Diocese of Carlisle Innkeeper deceased
taken and appraised the 10th day of February 1775
Two Bay Mares and one Horse with a year old filly)
the best suit of cloaths and yr. best watch vig         )         12      0        0
saddle & bridle                                                      )
14 Stots                                                                          	      40      0        0
a Bull                                                                             	       2      10        0
a Black Cow’d Heiffer with a white face       )
and with a calve                                          )                       3        5        0
a Black Scotch Cow with Calfe                                            3        0        0
a Black Scotch Cow with calf                                              3        0        0
a Black Cow’d Heifer                                                          1        15        0
a Red Heifer with Calf                                                       2        15       0
a Black Cow’d Cow Dry                                                      2        10       0
a Black Scotch Cow (Milk)                                                  2        10       0
a Branded Fleck’d Cow’d Cow with Calf                           3         5        0
a Black Fleck’d Cow                                                            2        15       0
a Branded Cow                                                                   2         5        0
a Red Riged Cow                                                                2         5        0
a Black 2 year old Stot                                                       1         15      0
3 yearling stirks                                                                 2         5       0
104 Sheep                                                                           28        0       0
3 Swine                                                                               4        10       0
3 Geese & one Gander wth 21 Cock & Hens                     0        17       0
2 Carts and Cart Gear                                                        1        15        0
a pair of Padds                                                                    0        2        0
a Plough wth Irons Threeptree & Swingletree )
a Harrow & 2 Ox Yokes                                        )          1        5        0
Tar & salve wth the Tubbs                                               0        5        0
2 Grapes 2 Iron Forks & Cow rakes 2 muck Hacks  )
& a wheelbarrow                                                   )         0        3        0
                                                          Carrd. Over       £124        2        0
Brot. Forward                                                                   124       0        0
Barley                                                                                  4        0        0
Oats                                                                                     1        0        0
60 Cart Load of Manure at 6d.pr.Cart                               1        10      0
a Sign                                                                                  0        7        6
a Clock an Case                                                                    1        10      0
a Brafs Kettle                                                                      1        0        0
a Drefser & Shelves                                                            0        2        0
4 large pewter dishes                                                         0        8        0
6 Pewter plates                                                                   0        2        0
2 pewter Tankard & 2 Do.pints                                         0        2        6
8 Pewter Spoons & a punch Ladle                                     0        1        0
4 large Clay Dishes 2t. pots. Pint         )
Pots Gills Potingers Broken & Whole  )                             0        1        0
2 Brandy pots & one half pot Funnels )
Iced cake pan and paper bose               )                           0        1        0
16 White Delph Dishes                                                       0        2        6
a Table and 2 Forms                                                          0        3        0
a Long Settle                                                                       0        0        6
Half a Dozen Knives and Forks                                      0        2        6
3 Knives and 8 Forks                                                        0        0        9
5 Broken Chairs & 2 Large Stools                                     0        2        0
3 Iron Candlesticks                                                           0        0        6
a Box Iron & 2 Heaters                                                    0        3        0
a Tea Kettle                                                                       0        2       0
4 Trenchers 2 Piggins & a Cheesefatt                              0        0       3
3 Cann’s 2 Knaps                                                              0         1       0
Three pots and a Frying pan                                          0         2      0
a Ham a Breast of Beef & 3 Legs of Mutton                   1         0      0
a Brush and Butter presst                                              0         0      6
Some Pickled Geese                                                           0         2      6
                                                          Carried Over     £136        18      6
Brot. Over                                                                    136        18      6
One Grate in the Parlor & one Do. in the       )
Parlorlafh Fire shovel Tongs & poker            )                  0        5        0
a spade and ax                                                                0        1        0
2 Chaff Beds wth.Green Curtains 6 Blankets )
2 Covercloths 2 Boulsters & a Boulsterslip    )                  1        1        0
a Square Table & a large Stool                                         0        2        6
a Feather Bed & Bedstead & Curtains 3 Blankets  )
2 Covercloaths a Boulster & a small Pillow            )         2        0        0
3 Sheets & a Pillowslip                                                   0        10      0
8 Waistcoats & 2 pair of Breeches                                   0        13      0
a Hat & three Shirts                                                       0        9        6
a Chamberpot                                                                  0        0        2
a Chest 4s.a speal & Womble 6d.                                       0        4        6
a Striped Waistcoat                                                         0        3        0
a Box & a Wheel                                                            0        1        0
a chaff bead & Bedstead 3 Blankets   )
a Cover cloth a chaff Bolster               )                            0        12      0
3 Strait Coats & a Great Do.                                            1        10      0
4 Coats & Half wide coat 2 waist coats                           0        10      6
3 Waist Coats & 3 pair of Breeches                                  0        7        0
a Plad                                                                             0        2        6
3 Pr.of Boots & one Pr.of spater Dashes                           0        1        0
2 Saddles                                                                        0        2        0
a little Box & Bags                                                         0        1        0
10 Shirts                                                                         1        10      0
4 Yards of New Cloth & a Cravat                                    0        6        0
5 Shirts 5Stocks 3 Handkerchiefs                                     0        8        0
a pair of All Kleen Breeches                                             0        4        0
                                                          Carried Over     £148        3        2
Brot. Forward                                                              148        3        2
12 pair of Stockings                                                         0        12      0
a chest                                                                            0        4        0
10 Pecks of Oatmeal                                                        1        10      0
Half a Peck of Groates ¾.   4 Pecks & 2 Sacks 8s.)                    0        11      0
One Tea Pot 6 Saucers 4 Cups   )
one Canister & 5 Tea Spoons     )                                     0        1        0
one ale Glafs                             )
5 Wood Bowls                                                                 0        1        6
a Milk Sile                                                                      0        0        6
a Hammer & large Knife                                                 0        0        6
a Churn & Staff                                                             0        3        0
a pair of Prickers                                                             0        1        0
a Watch a pr. of Silver Butts. & one Silvr. Buckle              0        7        6
Wheat Crop                                                                     22      4        6
Total Amount £173    19     2
)       Anthon Richardfon sworn
                                      Appr ed.              )                      
                                                          )        John Bell sworn
Admon of
Joseph Stobbart
late of Scarrowhill p. of Brampton
dec.d gr.d Feb 25th
                                                                   Inv.y V B.d

According to the Church, parishioners are normally buried in the parish in which they reside. Unfortunately this is not the case for Scarrow Hill. The house has always been in the parish of Brampton and yet its residents can be found buried in Lanercost, Nether Denton and Farlam graveyards as well as Brampton. Presumably this is because Scarrow Hill, although in the Parish of Brampton is on the edge of the three other parishes and the churches of Farlam, Lanercost and Nether Denton are nearer.

The Stobarts of Scarrow Hill seem to have favoured Farlam church. According to the graveyard records gravestones are as follows:

F6 Rachel wife of Thomas BOWMAN of Scarrowhill 18 OC 1761 aged 37

F7 George Stobart Junior of Scarrowhill 19 JU 1762 aged 32

F9 Thomas Stobert of Scarrowhill 05 OC 1773 aged 87

“Remember man as thou goes by

As thou art now so once was I

As I am now so must you be

Prepare for Death and Follow me”

L9 Rachel wife of George Stobart of Scarrowhill 1756

We understand from Joseph Stobarts Will that his brother was John Stobart of Denton Mill. John Stobart is recorded as paying Land Tax at Denton Mill in 1763. Also gravestones at St Cuthberts Church Nether Denton read as follows:

H13 Elizabeth wife of John Stobart of Denton Mill 1779 aged 43

H12 Mary daughter of John and Elizabeth Stobart of Denton Mill 1774 aged 16

+ Mary sis in same grave

+ Rachel sis close by on the suneyside.

Brampton parish records also record the baptism of Mary Bowman daughter of Thomas Bowman of Scarrowhill on Nov 17th 1762. According to present day descendants of Mary Bowman she married a John Mingins in 1785 and lived and died (April 1826) in Coalfell, Farlam. Her mother is probably the Rachel wife of Thomas Bowman in Farlam graveyard. Her father Thomas Bowman remarried in 1769. The Lanercost Register 1731-1837 records a wedding in 1769 as follows:

“ Thomas Bowman of the parish of Brampton widower and Sarah Dalson of this parish widow 12 Nov, witnesses Joseph Stobbart, Thomas Barnfather”.

The Rev Henry Whitehead in his book “Talks about Brampton in the Olden Times” has plenty to say about the local name of “Mingins”.

“This name is of Scotch origin, and a corruption of the name “Menzies”. Its introduction into Cumberland happened in this way. In 1715 three of the Menzies family, a father and two sons, crossed the border with the army which James Stuart, commonly called the Old Pretender, had raised in Scotland for the purpose of invading England in hope of regaining the throne from which his father, James II, had been deposed by the Revolution of 1688. The leaders of this army, after its defeat at Preston, were taken, tried, and most of them executed. The rank and file were dispersed, and the three Menzies, instead of returning to Scotland, settled down at or near Milton, where, being cartwrights, they set up a business. The two sons married”Cummerlan lasses”. And their name, pronounced “Menghies” in Scotland, blossomed into “Mingins”.

The Brampton parish records also record on July 30th 1775 the baptism of Joseph Stobart son of John Stobart of Scarrowhill, Farmer and Elizabeth his wife.

An attempt, based on the information found, has been made to draw up a family tree for the Stobarts of Scarrow Hill. Some assumptions have been made, but this seems the “best fit” based on the information available.

Click here for the Stobert / Stobart / Stobbart Family Tree

The Hodgkinson and Donald 1770 to 1774 map overleaf shows Scarrow Hill, south of the Military Road. The area is marked as “hashed” i.e. not enclosed at this time.

Hodskinson and Donald 1770 to 1774
Hodskinson and Donald 1770 to 1774 map, showing Scarrow Hill south of the Military Road

Scarrow Hill was actually enclosed in 1778. The enclosure map below shows the house in its current position along with three outbuildings, although only one of these outbuildings is extant.

1778 Brampton (Naworth) Enclosure Map
1778 Brampton (Naworth) Enclosure Map

The Land Tax records list John Atkinson as the Farmer at Scarrow Hill at the time of enclosure. The sum assessed for land tax in 1780 was 3s 1½d. The proprietor is listed as The Earl of Carlisle. John Atkinson married Barbary or Barbara Brown on November 5th 1769 at Lanercost. He was 27 and she was 19. Witnesses were William Appleby and John Brown. Barbara was christened in 1750 also at Lanercost. She was the daughter of Patrick Brown of Island Head. We know of only two children from John and Barbara’s marriage. Mary was born in 1772 and Peter in 1778. Sadly the Lanercost parish burials show that “Barbara wife of John Atkinson of Scarrow Hill, Farmer died in January 1784. Her grave plot at Lanercost Priory is X15 where her headstone reads “Barbara wife of John Atkinson of Scarrow Hill died 21st January 1784 aged 33”

“A tender mother and friend sincere

A mother virtuous and a wife most dear”

John Atkinson remarried Mary Barnfather later in the same year.

Scarrow Hill seems to have had an air of affluence at this time. In 1787 the Military Road Minute Book tells us that John Little of Low Row Toll House has entered into Bond to Thomas Waugh of Low Houses in the parish of Nether Denton and John Atkinson of Scarrow Hill in the parish of Brampton for the sum of Four Hundred pounds and one shilling.

No record has been found of John Atkinson’s death at Scarrow Hill. We move on into a new century and in 1809 the Howard of Naworth papers tell us that a blacksmith Richard Gibson of Scarrow Hill has bought “for £1 a piece of land upon which a dwelling house has been lately built on the north side of the Military Road near Denton Hill”. This will be the building of the properties known as Bank Houses demolished in 1968 and shown in the photo below which was taken from Scarrow Hill in 1968.

A69 looking east down from Scarrow Hill

Picture taken in 1968, looking east on A69 from Scarrow Hill - Bank Houses shown have since been demolished

Richard and John Gibson were ironfounders and blacksmiths as per the 1829 Parson and White directory. They seem to have set up Brampton Foundry on Castle Beck near to Scarrow Hill.

The Land Tax records tell us that John Bell was the next tenant of Scarrow Hill, although the proprietor remained The Earl of Carlisle right through to 1981. John Bell of Scarrow Hill died in 1815 followed by his wife Mary Bell in 1816. They are both buried at Lanercost.

The Carlisle to Newcastle railway was built in the late 1830’s. It crossed under the Military Road next to Scarrow Hill. The fortunes of Scarrow Hill seem to have declined at this time. From the 1841 census we know that the house has been divided into two. By 1850 the Tithe Map (overleaf) again shows Scarrow Hill as two cottages, and with no land.

1850 Naworth Township Tithe Map
1850 Naworth Township Tithe Map, showing Scarrow Hill now divided into two
Zoom in on Scarrow Hill
Zoom in on Scarrow Hill

Interestingly the Tithe Map shows that the house has been extended and the outshut built on the back of the west cottage. The outshut as it now stands along the whole of the back of the house was not built by 1867, as it does not appear on the First Edition Ordnance Survey Map shown below. By 1901 (Second Edition Ordnance Survey Map), the outshut stood in its current form. Inspection of the building confirms that the oushut was built in two stages as the join is evident on the stonework. The external walls of the outshut are 56cm (west side) and 48cm (east side) constructed of stone with rubble infill.

First Edition Ordnance Survey Map
1860 - 1865 First Series Ordnance Survey Map showing Scarrow Hill

The census records from 1851 through to 1901 show that there were to be no more farmers at Scarrow Hill. Various names stand out.

1851 Sybil Potts Char Woman
1851 Samuel Stephenson Labourer

Samuel is living with his daughter and son-in-law Jane and George Blaylock. George is listed as a retired draper age 38, but he later took the tenancy of the Earl Gray pub (formerly the Duke of Wellington) on the Sands in Brampton. By 1879 he was the landlord of the Sportsman Inn, Brampton town centre, where he was prosecuted for watering down the whisky!

1871 John Mingins Railway Carter
1881 Isaac Routledge Shepherd
1881 John Moses Labourer
1881 Alice Moses Labourers wife
1901 Mathew Moses Railway Platelayer
1901 John Mingins Retired Platelayer

Electoral lists tell us that Scarrow Hill continued to be occupied as two cottages by various families. Notably two generations of the Caris family who occupied the East Cottage from 1937 through to 1967. Stanley Dove Caris suffered from tubercolosis contracted whist serving in the merchant navy in 1943. He slept in a summerhouse located in the field. This white summerhouse is clearly shown on the left in the 1968 aerial photograph below.

1968 Aerial Photograph
1968 Aerial Photograph of Scarrow Hill

Lloyd Caris worked on the BlueStreak Project at Spadeadam and also on the Black Arrow Project on the Isle of Wight.

The West Cottage was empty by 1967 and there seem to have been no tenants of either cottage after 1968. Scarrow Hill remained empty and derelict until 1981.

In 1981 Suzanne Heslop purchased Scarrow Hill from the Earl of Carlisle for £14,000. The house was in the rather sad and derelict state shown below. She was only able to purchase 0.6 hectares of land with the property. She returned the property to one dwelling, reusing the old dividing wall bricks behind the fireplaces.

Scarrow Hill 1981
A rather sad and derelict Scarrow Hill in 1981

The renovation of Scarrow Hill was completed by 1983. On the 18th January 1983 the District Valuation Office records a "reference of amendment" as shown below.

Scarrow Hill rates revaluation 1983
Scarrow Hill rates revaluation 18th January 1983

The new rateable value is upgraded to £202. Previously is has been just £30 for each cottage. This is still applied to Scarrow Hill, as the 2014 water bill is still based on a rateable value of £202 for the property. Furthermore, the historic District Valuation Office records show Denton Mill Farm and Denton Foot as agricultural (AG.), whereas the records for Scarrow Hill show that it was never an agricultural dwelling house.

Today Scarrow Hill is owned by Catherine and Neil Bancroft. The former land and outbuildings surrounding it are owned by Naworth Castle Estate.



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CARIS, Lloyd

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