Stobert or Stobart or Stobbart Family Tree showing Occupation of Scarrow Hill from 1725/1731 to 1775
Rachel Bell George Stobart of
b.? FBT "Burnfoot in Harleyburn"
FPR. / L9   bur.16/3/1756 aged ? F.P.R.  bur. Dec 5 1762  For 1749-1750 George Stobart is
of Scarrow Hill of Scarrow Hill Brampton Church Warden from B.B.T.
FBT & F.P.R. mar. 22/5/1718 at Farlam
John Stobbart William Stobbart Mary Stobbart Ann Stobbart FPR Rachel Stobbart George Stobbart junior Joseph Stobbart Thomas Stobbart
IGI.  bap. 05/03/1719 at IGI.  bap. 05/01/1721 at Halt. IGI.  bap 15/4/1723 at N.D. B.B.T.  bap. 20/9/1725 bap.25/01/1728 f. is Geo. Thomas Bowman B.B.T.  bap. 07/07/1731 b.about 1733 B.B.T.  bap.19/5/1736
IGI.  Haltwhistle f. is George IGI.  f. is Geo., m. is Rachel LPR.  bur. 28/8/1816 of Milton Hill of Highlonning of Farlam  BBT.  of Scarrow Hill FPR. / IGI. bur.Feb 9 1775 aged 42 F.P.R.  bur.10/9/1773 aged 37
d.? F.P.R.  bur.26/10/1753 page 238 of Scarrow Hill   F6   bur.18/10/1761 aged 37 he later re-marries in F7   bur.19Ju 1762 aged 32 of Scarrow Hill of Scarrow Hill
H13  later of Denton Mill of Scarrow Hill    93 years old not 87? of Scarrow Hill L. after Rachel's death of Scarrow Hill
then Scarrow Hill          
Elizabeth Tweedale   Note - after Feb John Bell   BBT.   mar. 20/5/1760 Note - after 1762 Jane Richardson
b.1736 guess buried   1775 John (brother b.1730 guess         Alehouse Licence (minor) of Brampton  
H13 / I.G.I.  bur. 29/3/1779 aged 43 at Nether Denton   of Joseph), moves LPR.  bur. 15 / 11 / 1815   John Bowman Mary Bowman John Mingins passes from George   Thomas Bell
of Denton Mill   to Scarrow Hill to page 238 of Scarrow Hill     B.B.T.  bap. 31/5/1761 B.B.T.  bap. 17/11/1762 F.P.T.  bap. 08/07/1765 to Joseph later Jane Stobbart  
I.G.I. mar. 29/10/1759 at Nether Denton deal with probate mar. at Brampton of Scarrow Hill of Scarrow Hill of High Lonning   mar. at Brampton  
        BBT. 31/5/1765       11/5/1758   BBT. Jane Stobbart re-mar. at Brampton
                      on 06/07/1768 after George dies BBT.
                              F.P.R. mar. at Farlam 11/12/1785  
May AKA 'Mary' Stobbart John Stobbart Mary Stobbart   William Stobbart Rachel Stobart George Stobbart Joseph Stobbart              
NDPR. b.12/4/1760 at N.D. NDPR.  b. 27/9/1761 at N.D. NDPR.  b. 23/4/1764 at N.D. NDPR.  b. 8/10/1766 at N.D. NDPR.  b. 23/6/1769 at N.D. NDPR.  b. 25/11/1770 at N.D. B.B.T.  bap. 30/7/1775 at B. Mary Stobbart Rachel Stobbart Margaret Stobbart
H12. d. ? 1774 aged 16   H12  bur. at N.D.   H12  bur. at N.D.   of Scarrow Hill B.B.T.  bap. 01/11/1758 B.B.T.  bap. 10/12/1760 I.G.I. @ B. bap. 31/01/1763
                father is a farmer of Scarrowhill of Boothby  at B.  mother is Jane Stobbart
Farlam Graveyard Records, Plot No's. - graveyard of older, demolished, parish church Brampton Bishop's Transcripts Lanercost Parish Register book
F6 Rachel wife of Thomas BOWMAN of Scarrowhill 18 OC 1761 aged 37 1725 September 20 Ann daughter of George Stobbart of Milton Hill baptised 15th November 1815 John Bell of Scarrow Hill aged 85 burial (page 238)
F7 George Stobart Junior of Scarrowhill 19 JU 1762 aged 32 1731  7th July George the son of George Stobbart of Scarrow Hill baptised 28th August 1816 Mary Bell of Scarrow Hill aged 87 burial (page 238)
F9 Thomas Stobert of Scarrowhill 05 OC 1773 aged 87 1736 19th May Thomas son of George Stobbart of Scarrowhill baptised
     "Remember man as thou goes by  
       As thou art now so once was I 1758 11th May marriage George Sobbart a batchelor and Jane Richardson a minor of this parish    
       As I am now so must you be   Nether Denton Parish Register
       Pepare for Death and Follow me" 1758 1st November Mary daughter of George Stobbart junior of Scarrowhill baptised  
    12th April 1760 Mary the daughter of John Stobbart of Denton Mill baptized
L9 Rachel wife of George Stobart of Scarrowhill 1756 1760 20th May marriage Thomas Bowman of the parish of Farlam and Rachel Stobbart   
    27th September 1761 John the son of John and Elizabeth Stobbart of Denton Mill baptized
1760 10th December Rachel daughter of George Stobbart of Boothby baptised  
Farlam Parish Register   23rd April 1764 Mary the daughter of John and Elizabeth Stobbart of Denton Mill baptized
  1761 31st May John son of Thomas Bowman of Scarrow Hill baptised  
1718 May 22 Marriage Stobbart Geo "of Burnfoot in Harleyburn" and Rachel Bell   8th October 1766 William the son of John and Elizabeth Stobbart of Denton Mill baptized
  1762 17th November Mary daughter of Thomas Bowman of Scarrow Hill baptised  
1728 Jan 25 Rachel dar. of Geo: Stobbart of Highlonning baptised   23rd June 1769 Rachel the daughter of John and Elizabeth Stobbart of Denton Mill baptized
  1765 31st May marriage John Bell of the parish of Nether Denton and Mary Stobbart of this parish  
1753 Oct 26 Stobbart Willm of Scarrowhill - buried   25th Nov 1770 George the son of John and Elizabeth Stobbart of Denton Mill baptized -
  1768 6th July marriage Thomas Bell and Jane Stobbart both of this parish                       father is a farmer
1756 Mar 16 Stobbart Rachel the wife of Geo of Scarrowhill - buried    
  1775 30th July Joseph son of John Stobbart of Scarrow Hill and Elizabeth his wife baptised
1762 Dec 5 Stobbart Geo of Scarrowhill - buried  
1765 July 8 Jon son of Tho. of High Lonning baptised B.B.T. = Brampton Bishop's Transcripts Disclaimer - Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this family tree are correct,
I do not warrant that it is complete, comprehensive or accurate, or commit to it's being updated.
1773 Sept 10 Stobbart Thomas of Scarrowhill aged 37 burial I.G.I. = Church of Latter-Day Saints
1775 Feb Stobbart Joseph of Scarrowhill Farmer aged 42 - burial - 9th from I.G.I. F.P.R. = Farlam Parish Records
  F.B.T. = Farlam Bishops Transcripts
Nether Denton Graveyard Records, Plot Numbers - St. Cuthberts Church  
  B.P.R.. = Brampton Parish Register
H13 Elizabeth wife of John Stobart of Denton Mill 1779 aged 43 - 29th March from I.GI.  
  B. = Brampton   F.= Farlam  L. = Lanercost
H12 May daughter of John and Elizabeth Stobart of Denton Mill 1774 aged 16  
        plus Mary sis in same grave N.D. = Nether Denton
        plus Rachel sis close by on suneyside  
  L.P.R. = Lanercost Parish Register book