"A House of No Little Importance"

Census Data and 1850 Tithe Map Data for Scarrow Hill and Denton Mill

Scarrow Hill OB Scarrow Hill Scarrow Hill Red Cottage
- then Railway Cottage
DMC then DC now SHH DMC + Mill DM then HC then DM DM (gatekeeper) New DMF + Mill
1841C S. Potts Potts Bulman X X Margaret Little Hodgson George Walton DM labourer X
1850T S. Potts (576) west Stephenson (576) west Lockie (575) east X X Margaret Little (571) Hodgson (572) George Walton (574) DM labourer X
1851C 22. S. Potts 20. Stephenson/Blaylock 21. Lockie X X 23. Margaret Little 24. Hudspith 25. George Walton DM gatekeeper X
1861C 14. Mingins 15. Stephenson 13. Creighton X X X 16. Hudspith 18. Mingins DM railway labourer 17. Wannop (new farm)
1871C X 74. Leathard 73. Mingins 72. Reay Rail Cottage railway carpenter X X 70. Hudspith DMC 69. Mingins DMC railway labourer 71. Simpson
1881C X 72. Moses 71. Routledge 73. Reay Red Cottage 74. Bowmaker X 76. Hodgson/Hudspith DMC X 75. Simpson DMH
1891C X 17. Moses 18. Routledge 16. Reay Red Cottage 15. Thompson X 13. Hudspith/Hodgson gatekeeper X 14. Simpson DM
1901C X 23. Moses 24. Mingins 22. Reay Red Cottage 20. Thompson X 19. Hudspith/Hodgson gatekeeper X 21. Simpson DM

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