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Scarrow Hill in Snow

Scarrow Hill is the name of our house, as stated in our deeds. Scarrow Hill is located 25ft above the railway, south of the A69, approx 2 miles south of Hadrian's Wall. Hadrian's Wall can be seen from our bedroom windows. It is indeed very likely that Scarrow Hill was built from stone robbed from Hadrian's Wall, at a time when this practice was deemed acceptable!

A Border Reiver at Scarrow Hill - From the Calendar of Border Papers - The 1580 Brampton Muster - "Gregoreye Hall caps and spear"

Scarrow Hill was originally built in 1601. It was built in the bastle tradition as a multi-purpose building, with a blacksmith's forge on the ground floor and living accommodation above. Scarrow Hill became a Coaching Inn, or Alehouse, in the 18th Century. By 1841 Scarrow Hill had been converted to two dwellings and finally back to one dwelling in 1981.

Published on p.137 of Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archeological Society. Third Series Volume X 2010. "Scarrow Hill in the Seventeenth Century. A Reconsideration of Vernacular Architecture c.1600 near Naworth, Cumbria".

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12. Click here for Sale of Scarrow Hill in 1675 (Reproduced by permission of Durham University Library)

Ridge Beam supported by Principal Rafters

Photo of the Extant Roof of Scarrow Hill.

All roof and house timbers securely dated to 1601 by Dendrochronology.

Probably the only surviving original and complete bastle roof structure.

The roof structure contains a number of Apotropaic Marks. These are commonly known as Evil-Averting, or Witch Marks.

Scarrow Hill is included in Castlefacts. Click here.

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Scarrow Hill is included in Gatehouse. Click here.

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Hodskinson and Donald 1770 to 1774 map

Hodskinson and Donald's 1770 to 1774 map, showing Scarrow Hill south of the Military Road

1778 Enclosure Map - can you see Scarrow Hill?

1778 Enclosure Map - Newcastle is to the left and Carlisle is to the right

Primary OS Bench Mark

Extant First Ordnance Survey Bench Mark 50m north of Scarrow Hill
Levelled between January 1844 and February 1845, at 480 feet 11 inches above sea level
The bench mark is above the railway, south of the A69

1850 Naworth Township Tithe Map

1850 Naworth Township Tithe Map, showing Scarrow Hill now divided into two

1860 - 1865 OS Map showing Scarrow Hill

1860 - 1865 First Series Ordnance Survey Map showing Scarrow Hill


"List of Names as written on the Plan - Scarrow Hill"

"Authority for those modes of Spelling - Mr. John Ramshay, Naworth and John Cairns, Brampton and Ambrose Boustead, Denton Mill"

"Description - Two cottages occupied by Thomas Craighton and others, the property of the Earl of Carlisle"

Looking up the hill

Picture taken in 1968, looking west towards Scarrow Hill - a modern day A69 road embankment is now built where the picture was taken

Looking down the hill

Picture taken in 1968, looking east on A69 from Scarrow Hill - Bank Houses shown have since been demolished

Scarrow Hill 1981

A rather sad and derelict Scarrow Hill in 1981

Scarrow Hill is a private residence. We welcome enquiries about local history, but please do not contact us for bed and breakfast accommodation.

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Scarrow Hill




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